Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Making of a Special Order Rooster Apron

Fabric Selection:  The first step once you have your pattern.
I get more comments on The Rooster Aprons than any other.
Today I share the making of one.  Would you like to see it?....

My photography does in no way show how beautiful this fabric combination is.  I like everything that I make and can say that because I don't design the fabrics.  There are certain times though that a certain fabric or combination just stands out!  People walk by, stop and take notice.  They have to say something about it.  This is one of those.  All that have seen this work in progress have stopped and commented on how pretty it is.  I agree!  Today I show you This special order work in progress:

Adding rick rack to around the heart shaped bib top

Working on rooster and trim

Adding trim to bottom center of skirt

Side seams sewn to middle section and ready to put together.

Detailing, adding rooster and trim to apron.

I'm laughing at myself because I must have had my head tilted
excuse this crooked photo...but the apron is so cute!

Another shot

This one is finished and ready to go out the door to it's new owner.  The straps are loose for perfect fitting.  The new owner will place straps crisscross/straight or simply tie to their needs.

I love to sew and making an item from an earlier time makes it even more special. This one is made from McCalls #1143, the year for pattern 1944 approximately 68 years old.  

It is so fragile I had to copy and remake.
It was so good to finally find the pattern though because it was a hard one to find.
I have a lot of chicken lovers in my friends' list.
This one was a custom order.
I just wanted to share it with you.
I also have one just made that will be for sale it is yellow with black rooster..Look for post soon and will be placing it in the dolly's designs shops.
Have a great creative day!  Use your God given talent.

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  1. Oh, so pretty and I enjoyed seeing the process. That is just stunning.

  2. I love it! Are you taking orders?

    1. The latest email they keep coming back so I hope you can see this.

      Hi Mona I hope you get this email.
      Yes I certainly am taking orders you can email me back here of go to the store
      Go to any item preferably one you want if in there if not go to any item and underneath the picture of one click the Request a custom order and we'll go from there.

  3. Stunning! I want one. Can I custom order one too?

    1. Yes and I've sent you an email...Always custom orders are accepted. Thanks!

  4. Would you consider making one to sell? I don't sew but I would love one. If so, please email me at Thank you


    1. You may have gotten an email from me but I don't know some of you an email won't go through. If you didn't and you see this just let me know if I can help in any way.
      Shop link is:
      underneath any item in my shop there is a link that says Request a custom order hit it put in the info and I'll get back to you.

  5. Dolly would you please contact me about a special order? My email is

  6. Dolly, would you be able to copy the pattern and directions, if so, how much would you charge? I would like to try to make one if it isn't too difficult of a pattern. I looked for a place to order it on your website and didn't see it. Thank you!

    1. I've gotten several anonymous emails and have responded to them. You may have gotten one if not.
      Shop link is:
      underneath any item in my shop there is a link that says Request a custom order hit it put in the info and I'll get back to you..
      No I do not copy and sell the pattern. McCalls copyright goes for all of their patterns no matter what the age. Sorry.
      If I can be of any other help let me know

  7. I would love one, but don't sew. Do you sell these?

    1. Hi Patti I have a yellow one for sale right now I'll send you a link to see if you are interested. Otherwise if you give me your color preference I'll gather some fabrics together and send to you for a choice...I do sell these.
      Link for Yellow Apron and you can press Request a custom order below picture if you wish to do so for other colors.
      Yellow here: Yellow Apron
      Thanks and if I can be of some help please let me know.

    2. Link to the store with yellow apron is


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