Watercolor Class with Stephen Guyton

It wasn't too long ago Carly talked me into taking a watercolor class. You might think that I must know how to sketch and paint on paper.  Well you would be mistaken. I can't sketch or paint a lick. Did I go to watercolor class?  Well, of course I did.
This had to be fun....a room full of people probably born with a talent for painting and me...has to be fun!

Our teacher was Stephen Guyton
He volunteered his time and is such a great artist.
We had the class at our very beautiful library in Florence.

He and Randy went to school together, so this was special to Carly and me.  
I know Randy would have been happy to know that his friend was there teaching us.
He always told me of Stephen and his sketching.  
He said that he was always drawing in school.

We had a large room full of students!

To my surprise sitting next to me was an old friend's pretty little daughter

Meet Savannah
She was a lot of fun and yes I tried to copy her paper...

I know he is an excellent teacher because before I left I actually thought,
Hey, I can do this...and you know it wasn't long before I was at craft shop buying brushes and paper and oh my gosh I needed this and that.  It is a good thing Carly had already bought me a new pallet and paints before class...or else I might have spent much more money...

Another satisfied student.  I'm sorry that I didn't get her name.  
She was a very nice lady.

Can you tell that we had fun?  I hope so because we really did.
Do you want to see my first ever watercolor seascape?

No, I don't think you do...

Always go and do things that you wouldn't dream of doing.  What is there to lose?
Not one thing, you can always learn something and at the same time have fun doing it.



  1. It's always fun to reach and stretch a little. Good for you!

    1. Hi Kim,
      You put a smile on my face with your sweet comment! Thanks for visiting!

  2. What fun! I wish our library had classes! Even though I paint murals, and walls, I would still like to learn techniques and tips on watercolors and acrylics. Never had a lesson! Glad you had fun! Keep on creating!

    1. Wow Linda, you sound very talented. You are one of those born with that talent too! Great. Maybe you could talk to your Library or someone in your town that paints and they could get it together. Maybe even you could be a teacher of what you know to others?


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