Farmhouse Curtains

Recently, I made some simple Farmhouse Curtains for a wonderful client.  He and his wife are doing wonderful things with their home and these were a joy to make.

Do you sew curtains for your home?  I have been known to do so and need some new kitchen curtains.  Join me today as we sew in the craft room of Hibiscus House.

One advantage with custom or special orders is that you don't have to make all of the decisions.  That can be less stressful.  

This Spoonflower Print to Order Fabric is just what was needed!
I do like this premium fabric choice!
Farmhouse Designs 

You'd never know this is a canvas fabric
It has the look of true burlap without any of the raveling
Which will make for longer use where they are hanging them

It was so good to get this machine up and running again!

I quickly hung them in the upper part of my kitchen window for an idea
If I were keeping them their myself, I would have leveled them up.

Lower part of the kitchen window

Showing how one panel looks for the pattern design
That is what can be the tricky part

Hung them in the old Pie Safe for another look

The fabric company has no idea as to what, and the size of the item you'll be making.  They do a pretty good job of centering the design, although I had to tweak it to fit the size that was needed. The width made it easy enough, but I did have to bring our my math thinking cap to design this.

This sewing job was sheer pleasure!
I've missed my sewing machine!

Join me

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  1. Hi Dolly. These curtains are awesome. Love them! Have a great week. :)

  2. Well...Isn’t this a neat little idea...I know quite a few friends who love these thanks ... ENJOY your week-end...Hugs


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