A Christmas Miracle: The Making of a Charlie Brown Christmas

I found this on You Tube and thought I would share with you all..
A Charlie Brown Christmas has been a part of my life and am sure you have enjoyed it as well.

I love the fact that you get to see the children who did the voices pictured here. It lasts a little over 15 minutes.  I am so glad he chose to put the Biblical  part into this cartoon, after all it is the true meaning of Christmas!

They met with negative responses about the music and such...the networks were disappointed.

Surprise it was an enormous success!  I will stop talking now and let you watch some surprising facts about this little cartoon! 

 slide image
Charles M. Scultz
"If you read the strip you would know me.
Everything I am"...


  1. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed this.

    1. I'm glad you did Michelle. I did too! Merry Christmas dear friend!

  2. I'm a lifelong fan of Peanuts so this was a real treat. Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Hi Kim,
      That's so sweet. It was a treat for me too! I didn't know those things and they were interesting. Merry Christmas dear friend!


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