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All artwork on this post belongs to and can be found at "Art Prints by Dona & Jerry Locklair"

Today over at Hibiscus House I have a post up about one of their prints "Washday". 

You will be able to see the larger version on their website Here more in detail! 

I was given a copy of the print by Dona & Jerry Locklair.  It was a few years ago while doing an art/craft show in our city.  I was blessed enough to have a booth right next to the Locklairs.  It was an interesting weekend for sure.  I so enjoyed hearing the history behind each work of art.  Each piece of their artwork tells a story.  It is history in painting. Our Southern Traditions are in each and all have memories to tell from them.  

I sat and listened to all who came by tell Jerry how much they loved their work and how he must have painted their ancestral homes.  Many thought he had painted their old "Homeplace".  As a matter of fact, I asked him where this home was located because it looked exactly like my grandparent's home.  No it wasn't theirs but it sure could have been. The work is that much of a historical significance to us all!

He told me of how they had placed family members into their artwork and that made it even more special.

Today I'll share a few of Dona & Jerry's prints and below will show the link back to their website.

by Dona Locklair

Please do check out the links for a closer look at these prints, you'll be glad you did.  You can also read about these interesting artists.

So, do these bring back some memories for you?  If they do please feel free to comment below.

I almost forgot to tell you that when he gave me a copy of "Washday" I offered anything in my booth that he would like for himself and Dona.  He chose one of my Sock Monkeys. I couldn't believe that was all he wanted. Don't get me wrong I happen to love them but I definitely think I got the better in this deal! 

You may remember those sock monkeys.  I don't happen to have a picture of one of them now but intend to make more soon.  Until then I'll share where I buy my red heeled socks I use to make them.

Beautiful weather here and makes one feel a little like creating.


  1. They are pretty, I'd love to live in a setting like one of those paintings.

  2. My mom just lost her parents this past year, 5 months apart. They were married 75 years. My mom found this picture "Putting it in" at the local Habitat for $5. My mom loves it said it reminds her of growing up in little Old Hundred, in NC.

    1. I'm so sorry for your mom's loss. His work does bring back memories for so many people. I'm glad they've touched her in this time. He and his now deceased wife really did touch on how people lived. Take care.

  3. I found Puttin In at a Goodwill in Columbus Ohio when my daughter and I was on a thrifting trip. It brought back so many memories from my childhood in South Georgia. I looked them up when I got home and they painted so many that reminded me of my childhood. Wish I could have them all!


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