Storing Quilts and Comforters

I am guilty of storing quilts years on end stacked and folded.  Some of my oldest are in a cedar chest I have. Well, I am finding out that those are two of the worst ways you can store and leave quilts.  The stacked folding wears the quilt in certain areas and creates permanent folds.  The cedar chest can actually deteriorate the most treasured quilts.  Here I thought I was doing a good thing in storing them in that manner.  Today sharing videos that show the correct way to store your most treasured quilts.

Might as well go to the best source possible for storing valuable quilts and that would be the National Quilt Museum.

They advise acid free tissue paper and special archival boxes

Minnesota Historical Society

 They use a sling of washed 100% muslin fabric to place and remove from box
It can take the place of the acid free tissue paper
They use the tissue for folding

Fons & Porter

Martha Stewart

You may already know this, but hope if you didn't these help!

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