Making Aprons

The past week was spent sewing aprons, I do love to sew.
I need to organize my little sewing area in this newer home.
In my older home I had an entire room dedicated to sewing and crafting.  Was this room organized?  I have to say it was a Dolly organized, which meant no one but me could find anything in it..
I would love the space of the older home but with one exception it would be well organized
I now have to gather supplies...oh that is a problem with me....

See these cashier's faces? That is my problem in fabric store....I have to resist the urge to take home enough supplies to stock a store!

I am excited to have won a store for life with 

The aprons I mentioned are going out to a winner and a friend.
I love the aprons they turned out looking so retro. 
They remind me of my Grandmother Johnson's aprons. 

Apron #1

close up look at fabrics
detailed view of pocket design


close up look at fabrics
detailed view of pocket design

Thanks for letting me share my love of sewing....


Simplicity 3818


  1. These are lovely! Looks like everyone had a great time!

  2. Those aprons are way too pretty to wear and use. Lovely.

  3. Dear Dolly,
    My friend. Your number is up! You won the April UFO Roll Call giveaway...

    Thank you for sharing such wonderful craft and design ideas with the rest of us. Please send me your mailing address. My email address is



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