Rag Wreath Tutorial

I love white, off white colors.you can add, and change with just an accent of color anytime you wish.
I love Ballard Designs and shop there quite often but I wanted this item quickly so decided to make mine a fabric rag wreath. Their design is paper flower and gorgeous but I love fabrics of all kinds.
Join me today for a simple tutorial.

You could use smaller squares if you wanted a tighter look like their design. I bet you could use coffee filters or tissue paper for a paper wreath too.  The fabric however will last for many many years if stored properly.

Catie had some large Styrofoam sheets leftover from Halloween.  So I took the hard but free route and cut my circles out from a salad plate then took a biscuit cutter with long handle to cut the center
You will need to sand where you cut the styrofoam and use Mod Podge to seal the edges that you cut.

You certainly can buy your styrofoam wreath forms and have less of a hassle.  Buy the size you want, mine is 9 inches wide diameter total and 3inches all around to add fabric.  Finished wreath with fabric is around 12-13 inches.

If you want to cover the back of wreath you can use felt or I used Warm & Natural cotton batting. It will not fray and adds a softness and such a beautiful natural look..  Place the wreath form on the batting, trace around form, cut out.  Add Glue to back of wreath form, place batting on now.  Note ** Remember not to go to the sides of form cover the bottom only! The sides will have material punched in for a feathery look and will cover any edges of batting for a very clean look.

I have a bolt of muslin on hand so chose to use it.
Depending on the size of your wreath form and the thickness and stiffness of your fabric.
The amount of fabric will vary.
I used about 1 1/2 yard cut into 3 inch squares with pinking shears.
My wreath form turned out to be 9 inches before adding any fabric.
Size afterwards it was 12 1/2 inches wide.
Aleene's Tacky Glue I love it!
Open it and let it stay open at least an hour before use. Pour some in a paper plate or some container for use and it will get even tackier. It is so much easier to work with that way.

I use this stuff-it tool to make mine but a sharpened pencil will work just as good

Take your pencil or tool put into the middle of the 3" square
Dip into glue, then stick into styrofoam pull pencil out
Do this all around the wreath. 
Use your judgement as to how close to put your squares of fabric
You want to cover wreath but you don't have to get carried away like I did.

Finished with fabric

Take a small paper clip bend like this
Stick the two ends in the tacky glue
Stick down into the edge of wreath that you want to hang with ribbon
Let it dry
If you choose you can just use a long enough ribbon to run around wreath at top and tie to chair it is entirely up to you. 

Take ribbon 5/8 inch wide and 12 inches long, tie in a knot at end put through paper clip hook
run loop through knot to make another knot to hang.
If you have fabric on your chair pin it hidden and that will just give the ribbon loop look you don't have to have a large bow.  You just want to hang the wreath however you can on your own chair
I then took a 1 yard piece of 3/4 inch ribbon in same color and tied wreath to chair with that.
My chairs have openings.

kitchen chair

Link above to see in Hibiscus Table Setting.

Other Uses Below

If cutting your own from styrofoam sheet you will also need:
Fine Sandpaper
Knife to cut, or xacto knife, I used a steak knife
Purchased styrofoam wreath forms
Aleene's Tacky Glue
Pointed tool, or sharpened pencil
100 % cotton fabric for wreaths for my 9" diameter wreath I used 1 1/2 yards (this depends on the size you buy)
Pinking shears
5/8" wide good satin ribbon
3/4" wide satin ribbon same color
small paper clips or wire for hanging


  1. Gorgeous! Did you cover the back at all?

  2. Susanne, thank you so much for asking this I left it out of the instruction. It is there now...Thanks for the sweet compliment!

  3. This is so pretty Dolly! And, what a pretty plate you dipped your glue in! :)

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  12. Love your rag wreath and I think it was so ingenious of you to make your own wreath form from some Styrofoam you had on hand!

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  14. Gosh, I had forgotten how pretty rag wreaths are! Yours is truly beautiful with the muslin! :)

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