Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Share Your Shop Blog Hop

Welcome to the Very First Share Your Shop Blog Hop!

This Blog Hop is for your SHOPS only.

If you have an ETSY Shop
A Handmade Artists Shop
Your own website that you sell your handmade goods
Supply Stores for items used in making goods will be allowed
Fabric Stores, Quilting Stores
If you have any questions please contact me

Please share
I would like it to be a showcase for your goods
I will allow vintage goods shops

Not for mass produced manufactured goods.
Handmade items, vintage, or tasteful re-purposed goods shops allowed
I'm excited and hope you are too.
Browse around like and favorite the shops let them know you like their products.  Enjoy your window/online shopping experience.  Meet new friends.
My shops are pretty scarce at the moment but working on restocking them soon.
Share Your Shop

Don't forget about the Creative blog Hop still going on.
 New Hop will be up Sunday


  1. Hi Dolly! Thank you so much for hosting this! We are still new and small but we're growing. I have an Etsy store front that features curtain pattern/tutorials and vintage books with a homesteading slant. I look forward to doing some window shopping and favoriting everyone's store. Have a great week.

    1. Hello Jenny!
      I am so glad you linked up. I can't wait to visit and enjoy each person's store. This is going to be fun. We will learn each other, find interesting and pretty things..what a fun shop at home time we will have...
      Have a great week yourself and thanks again!

  2. Hi Dolly,
    Not exp. on websites or computer, so if I boo boo please send me a message and I will accept any advice with great welcome.
    So pleased for all to have a peek into my Etsy shop { My Australia]
    Thanks from Becky on the Gold Coast, Australia.

    1. Hello Becky,
      Both links go through pretty well. You are so talented and it is such a pleasure to have you here with us. Thank you!

  3. Hi Dolly,
    Thanks for having this party! I will come back tomorrow to explore some new to me shops!

    1. Jane,
      I am so glad you have your shop. It will be such fun to window shop and I am close enough to pick mine up..Love it! Thanks for sharing with us. Do come back and browse.

  4. Such and elegant tough to everything you do Dolly! Thanks for hosting this fun hop! Great idea!

  5. Thanks so much for hosting this link up, Dolly! So glad to have discovered your blog!


    1. Hello Kellie,
      It is a pleasure to know you and I'm so glad too! Thank you for sharing with us Ms. Creative, love your items!

  6. Thank you for letting me know your party was up! I appreciate it ~ Ann


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