Russian Artist Michael Zajkov

Photo belongs to Michael Zajkov (c)

Paul a friend on Facebook always finds the most interesting articles.  I so enjoy reading what he finds and today was no exception.

Today I share with you the artistry of one Russian Artist named Michael Azjkov.  It takes my breathe away.  Such talent in his hands. His work is so lifelike that some find them eerily real. Join me as we look at his work...

Photo belongs to Michael Zajkov (c)
Look at the detail!  The features! I love the hand painted eyes made of German glass.

I personally find them fascinating! Inspiring is a word I would use as a self professed sculptress of sorts.

Photo belongs to Michael Zajkov (c)

I've been busy in other areas of my life lately and haven't been making anything of my own so why not continue to share what is found that we all need to see.

Michael graduated from University in 2009 and went to work for a fashion designer by the name of Irina Kuzyomina.  It was there that he learned to sew doll clothes.
He makes all of the dolls from jointed body to clothing.

It is unbelievable that he made his first doll such a short time ago in 2010!  He doesn't take orders because his dolls when shown are snapped up quickly by collectors!  

You can read the article here
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