Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sewing for Sara

 Hello all.  This is the last post of the projects made for a friend of mine Sara.
Today we have the bed skirt another pillow and curtains that finish out her order.
We will take a tour of Sara's Home soon to show you how this looks in her decor.
Bed Skirt over to the right are the simple curtain tie backs she wanted.

Yards and yards of fabric pin tucked and sewn with love.
This has been quite a project but well worth it.  
The end results are so rewarding.

Just look at this gorgeous bed skirt!  If I could have carried it off, I would have worn it like Carol Burnett in her Gone With the Wind Skit...It was that full and flowing. I think I'll share those you tube videos of the show just for fun. Check out the side bar and enjoy!

Bathroom Window Valance
(excuse the ancient ironing board cover that still covers the board)

The lined backside of the valance.  I love the materials she chose! Excellent fabric and lining was so crisp and neat...lovely to sew on.

curtain and pillow

Simple seams but that is all it takes to hold anything together.

Simple Window Panels that Sara wanted...I can't wait to see them hanging and all in place.

Close Up of Bed Skirt and the fabric one more time.

Sara gave me the best compliment ever when she called to say, "Dolly, I believe that this is so pretty!" "I believe this is the best looking bedroom that I have ever had!"
I told her she had picked out such beautiful fabric.
 Does that make me smile?  You bet it does!

Stay tuned we will take a tour of Sara's Bedroom soon!

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  1. Every thing is going to look so lovely in her room.

    1. I can't wait to see it myself. Have a great rest of the weekend Michelle!

  2. Dolly, this is so lovely! I admire your sewing skills!

    1. Oh Hetty,
      Coming from you that is the nicest compliment ever! Thank you!


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