Enchanted Dolls Marina Bychkova

I love the expressions in these dolls' eyes.  They seem to be alive so sad and realistic.

Marina:  One thing that viewers tend to observe most often is that Enchanted Dolls appear to be sad. My intention is to convey emotional and physical vulnerability through my dolls. I gravitate towards creating non-smiling dolls with a contemplative look because I’d like to leave their facial expressions ambiguous enough for personal interpretations and allow a projection of the viewer’s own emotions onto the doll. A smiling face is very attractive, but it always means one thing: joy. This significantly narrows down the meaning behind each face, while a thoughtful, emotional and contemplative appearance can subtly imply many different moods and thoughts.




 Artist: Marina Bychkova
click on link below to read more about her:
Enchanted Doll


you tube video  **has some doll nudity**

 These dolls just caught my attention, they are beautiful
Marina has such a talent and it shows.
I hope you enjoy this post

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