Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thanks to Cottage at the Crossroads and Print Runner!

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Jane of Cottage at the Crossroads along with
had a giveaway

I was one very lucky excited winner!

I want to thank you all very much!  Please pay Jane and Leo a visit at Cottage at the Crossroads, a wonderful  blog.
I love it and you will too.

To Print Runner I am very impressed and love my new business cards!
They are gorgeous and I intend to order more soon.  You should check out their site, the links are above.  I am just happy with my new business cards.

 Jane and Leo a great big hug and a huge thank you for this timely gift. 
dolly's designs is getting up and running and I am excited.

Print Runner you do very excellent custom work and I am thankful to you!

card front
I wanted back to look as pretty or prettier than front so
card back

Sewing on the wonderful vintage rooster pattern now and pictures will be up within a week.
Please pay dolly's designs @HandmadeArtists Shop and @ ETSY...Only few items but more up shortly.
My heartfelt thanks to all!



  1. Thanks Dolly! We just received our business cards yesterday, and I was very pleased with them.

  2. This is really a great post an inspiring one!Thanks for taking time to share your creative work here with us..Thumbs ups!


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