Monday, June 9, 2014

Another Rooster Another Apron

 This apron is in the mail for delivery to it's owner as we speak.
I hope she likes it!

Ironing the finished apron

Placing the rooster his comb, wattle and tail feathers onto apron

I really like the heart shaped apron bib.  I leave the center fold crease in a garment while making because it is so much easier to match up center seams.  Afterwards it takes a very hot steam iron to get rid of it.

Yes I do apologize for the mess I made while working.  I had to have my orange juice for energy after all it was 2:30 last night.  Do you do that?  Stay up late while working on a project?  I do some of my best work when all are in bed.  I have time to think and concentrate.  Makes for much quicker work.

Still working.  Little details take the most time.  

Today I put more of my real hens together so that I can let them all out together to free range.  Now I have one less chicken pen with hens..I put the roosters in that one.  They have had free range permission for far too long my ladies need to get out to the beautiful green grass and bugs.  Casper the guard dog and their best friend is so happy he actually leaped for joy!  He likes having them all out to play with him.

It is a cute apron isn't it?  I think it is but then again I like them all.
I must have been tired look how high up I pulled the apron.  I must think the mannequin is Steve Urkel.  Oh and don't think you see dead people over in the corner.  Those are my head mannequins that Catie had in beauty college.  She was going to throw them away.  What! No way I'll find a use for them.   Yes I will let them model my hats and such. 
I think I'm slap happy.  You know how you get when you are tired.  Silly.  Everything is funny.

A little rick rack some embroidery floss and needle...french knot eyes, hand embroidered beak, legs and feet.

I just love rick rack.  It is so retro and yet timeless.

This was made from my vintage McCalls Pattern.  I am so glad that I found that pattern.  Everybody likes it.  I have yet to make the half apron but that is going to change.

This apron is a custom order and I hope she likes it.
I have to make a pattern and apron today for a client.
This in between gardening, laundry, cleaning and need to cook something.
It's going to be a very busy day.
Have a great productive day.


  1. Very nice. I like ALL your aprons!

  2. These vintage aprons are such a delight! You aced it Dolly!

  3. So adorable!! Love it!! Now you get some deserve it....:)))))

    1. Hey Lisa! Thank you sweet friend. I will and I'll be seeing you over at Farmgirl Chit Chat!

  4. So cute, I want one too!! Really, you did such a great job, love those vintage patterns Dolly.

    1. Thank you Hetty! I like them too they bring back memories of my mother and grandmother's time.


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