Saturday, June 7, 2014

Fashion Orange Colors in Fashion and Fabrics

credit;  ELLE Orange is the New Black
I recently did a post on this at Savannah Attic here to see the fashion show all in one place.

credit;  ELLE Orange is the New Black

I like the color orange and peachy tones.  This just makes me want to go out and buy more items in this color!  How about you?
The next best thing is to go to the fabric store and find new fabrics in this color!

Actually I found the fabric and then did the post for Savannah Attic because the color has always been a favorite of mine.  Over the years I have had a hard time finding the orange shades of lipstick that I like.  You know my favorite of course is pink but orange is next in line for sure.

Look at the beautiful fabrics I found last night!

 Love the colors

Aren't they pretty colors?

What will I make?  

I don't know.  

Aprons have been the focus for over a year now.  People still want aprons out there believe it or not.

I do make other things of course when not having to make aprons..I'm working on some today as a matter of fact.

I'll let you know what I make from these beautiful fabrics.



  1. I like the flower one - very 70's.

  2. O, I love em all! I really love orange throw pillows, makes your room so happy!

  3. I like orange too Hetty but funny thing I don't have any in my home...


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