Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Such a Talented Lady!

Hello all!  You may remember my last post of the tea towel that I painted for my new friend Avis.  She made me an absolutely beautiful handwoven tea towel with the cutest button embellishments.  Did you catch that HANDWOVEN!  Wow the time and talent it takes to make one of those.

I love our group on Facebook Farmgirl Chit-Chat.  We meet the nicest people and that is how I met Avis!

Look at these!  A hand knitted dishcloth with a gorgeous ribbon to hang it by cute design and the wonderful handwoven tea towel.

Cute buttons highlight this beautiful item!  I wish you could see this in person.  The detail is wonderful!

Do you weave your own fabrics?  I always knew that it was a task but I didn't realize just how much work does go into the making of fabric.  Avis has Graciously allowed me to post some videos and a quick tutorial as to how it is done.  I'll post that soon and link it here.

I want to show you some of the steps in Avis's photographs.  It is amazing the amount of work it takes to hand weave the fabric.  They're numbered to show you the order in which they go.

Avis at work with a smile on her face!

Wonderful talent!

Wow!  Isn't it beautiful?  Can you believe the steps it takes to make this gorgeous piece of material?  I didn't realize.  This is the material with which Avis made the above tea towel for me.
It is a special item and I will always treasure it!
  Such a talent!

Thank you Avis

Next post Avis will give us the basics of Weaving along with three videos!
Stay tuned you won't want to miss it!
Here it is: Avis Shares Weaving Basics and Videos


  1. OMG- I am FLOORED at the time and talent to do this. Fascinating post to see. I'd give myself an aneurism just trying to separate the strings. She must have amazing patience. Beautiful gift.

    1. Hey Kim! I am too! She tells me this is not all by any means, it floors me. I'll sure have more of an appreciation when someone mentions handwoven to me again that's for sure! Thanks for the visit and sweet comments! Yes I do like my gift.

  2. Ah Dolly! This is a fun blog description wrapping up the tea towel exchange. Thank you for your time spent to detail the steps of warping/dressing the loom. I am in process of putting a project on the loom again, and I can get a video of how to sley the reed, and thread the heddles. This is the most time consuming aspect of setting up the loom for weaving. One other tedious step is developing the weaving draft, which is like the recipe for the project. Something necessary for another person to be able to replicate using all of the provided information.

    1. Thank you so very much for the time and effort to make such wonderful gifts. I will indeed cherish mine! I love learning all about the weaving and yes would love to share that video as well. There are so many steps it is mind boggling to me. I admire you and your talent sweet lady!

  3. All I can say is WOW !!!!!!!

  4. What a skill and what a patience! I love to do needlework but I never tried to learn weaving, it is very special!

    1. Hi Hetty, I agree with you! I can't imagine but Avis is really good at it. I'm like you I like doing needlework but weaving is a whole other area for sure. Thanks for the sweet comments!


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