Painting a Tea Towel and the Story Behind it!

Good Morning!  We have a wonderful group called Farmgirl Chit-Chat. We are always doing something, making something, exchanging something.  It's a fun and informational page, come join us if you will.
This exchange was for homemade tea towels.  I asked my exchange partner what colors she liked or had in her kitchen.  She told me that her entire kitchen was decorated from a rooster.  A dear friend of hers painted the picture that became my inspiration for her tea towel.

 This is the finished product.  It is a whimsical design that Avis loved because her dear friend painted the picture below for her kitchen.

The artwork of Debra Baker, Avis's dear talented artist friend.
The inspiration for the tea towel I painted for Avis.


I could not find my fabric medium so was forced to paint this with fabric markers.  I have never done this before.   I found out that fabric markers run and do so very badly.  They did the job though and that's what counts.  I like the fact that you don't have to heat set them.  They are chlorine resistant so should laundry up pretty well.

Printed a copy of Debra's Artwork from internet.  Placed image on tea towel using Dressmakers Tracing Paper. Looking at her copy I painted the design as closely as I could mixing colors to achieve this.  It was such a fun picture to do.  I can tell Debra must have had such a great fun personality.

Still working have lots of shading and fine tuning to do with this.

Adding more detail. (note* they aren't leaning this far over, I was when taking picture.)

In an effort to get more of the colors she loves I added this bias trim to the towel on both ends.
I looked and decided No this just won't do it.  This needs something extra.  How do I pull in the black?

I found some wonderful gingham premium cotton fabric! That was it!  I started to gather and it just wouldn't lay right so decided to do pleats.

 Yes I was Happy with this!
Work signed and ready to send out!
Always sign your work in some form or another.

Yes I did personalize it be it crooked..sorry Avis.  

This was such a fun project to do.  I thought of Avis as I made it and her precious friend Debra who painted the inspiration.  I have to admit I talked to her as I painted and thought of the sense of humor she must have had.

Avis liked it and that has pleased me immensely I have to say.  She had the following to say with some really great pictures.  Please read and it will tell you the whole story!

 " Dolly Johnson Sarrio went to grand effort indeed to sew a charming tea towel with a replicate of my kitchen chicken painting created by a dear friend, Debra Baker who is now passed onto Heaven. Dolly sent a heart felt message to honor Deb's painting with hopes of cheer. I got goose bumps when I looked at the towel, it's so wonderful to see two 'gifted' women in one project. Thank you and I'm having a happy dance!"

photo credit:  Avis
Please visit Avis on her Blog Looms4izzi

Next post I will share the wonderful creation that Avis sent to me!  A handwoven tea towel!  Can you imagine Handwoven!  It is beautiful and I really like it!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and remember to create some beauty in the world.  Yes You, you are talented in more ways than you probably know!


  1. I wish I had just a fraction of your talent Dolly. Everything you do is beautiful. What a special gift you created here.

    1. Believe it or not Kim I am speechless. You have such talents and energy! Thank you so much.

  2. Great job ! looks beautiful !

  3. Dolly, I love it! You did a great job (yes, the trim makes it look finished) and it will look so adorable in her kitchen.

    1. Hi Hetty thank you so much for the nice compliments! Coming from you that means so much because you are one talented person! Good to hear from you.


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