Saturday, September 27, 2014

The New Men's Apron Line

I'm rather excited to announce a new line of aprons for men!

My husband, Chuck has been after me for awhile to make aprons for men.  I have to say that is a great idea!  People kept asking me if I had any and now I will.

There are a lot of chefs out there male and female so this will be great!  The first apron shown here is not for sale it is for Doug.  I only make one of a kind items;  meaning only 1 apron in this pattern line will have this fabric.  Luckily the fabric world has so many different fabrics in any color so that will never be a problem finding just the color you will like.

I will make some up for store but as always you can hit the special order button and express your color desires.  I will pull up fabrics that you may choose from.  Your Special Order will then be made.  Please note that Special Orders take a little longer to ship but then again you are getting your own specially made item.  All of this at not extra cost to you.

I'd like to introduce you to Doug, the model and the apron.  
The name of this apron pattern will be DOUG.
It is a simple, full coverage, long, very functional apron.

**Doug the model is over 6 ft tall and The apron fits him well.  You don't have to be that tall though and it will fit you just as well.**

Your name can be embroidered on the apron if you wish.

 The fabric used in this particular apron is:  The Cocheco Mills Collection from The American Textile History Museum by Judie Rothermel.

 While I'm here would you like a free quilting project?  Click here if you do.

"Doug" has a straight A-line shape with loop to go over the neck. ties at the waist with extra long ties to accommodate most sizes.  You can have a large front pocket added as well as a name embroidered if you wish for a small charge.

Aprons made from this pattern as well as others will be in the shops soon.
I'll be sharing those and others with you shortly.


  1. Great job Dolly and a handsome model as well. Best of luck on your Men's line.

  2. Dolly, this looks awesome! Absolutely great job!

    1. Hey Hetty!
      Thank you so much! I'll bet you can see me smiling from where you are!


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