Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Plain Pretty!

Introducing another of the Antique McCall Apron Pattern 1279 Aprons.  This apron was named by a man.....

That man would be my husband Chuck.  He for some reason was struck with the beauty of this apron.  Don't get me wrong, I like it too.  It is such a subtle beauty.  I have been so busy that I didn't take the time to really look at it.

He is a manly man carries a gun for a living, a tough guy and my Popeye...He's definitely not a sissy...But for days he talked about this apron. He asked me what I was going to name it and I said would you please give it a name?  He pondered it and finally said well it's just plain pretty, so hence the name...."Plain Pretty".

In the kitchen next to the Hoosier Cabinet
Looking pretty!

Close up view of fabrics.


Fabric:  100% Premium Quilters Cotton
Calico and dot

Size XS - L

Hostess Apron
Frontal Coverage

As Always One Of A this fabric only once.  Made with pride!

For Sale

Listed in dolly's designs shops that you can find on the right sidebar of this blog.

I hope you have a great week!  
I'll see you later with another flush of designs.

I will be working on a few orders plus the Mens' Apron Line here at dolly's designs.


  1. Chuck has a flair for names and this is another beautiful apron!

  2. Thank you Kim and you just made Chuck's head grow I'm sure! I'm smiling!


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