Making Pillows for Client/Friend

     I was asked to make a few things for a client that happens to be a friend of mine.  She has moved into a new home and needs curtains, pillows, bed skirt. 
     She found a bolt of fabric and pillows that will make wonderful items for a fraction of the cost of new.  Sara has that knack and is quite the decorator.  I have always admired her ability to take virtually nothing and turn her home into a show place.
     I just may have to showcase her home when she has finished moving in.
This is her fabric and it is quite pretty

Bolt of fabric a fun thing to have if you sew!

My notes and her small pillow form..which is a feather/down pillow
She found this for $2 a steal and it is in excellent shape.
This will be a small accent pillow

She didn't really want a piping around the edge but it just calls for piping.
So I added it for a sharp tailored edge.

Finished Front, simple yet pretty accent pillow
She likes it with the piping.
Back of Pillow Insert

Next Up
18" Pillows

Pillows found at Resale Shop
$2 each

This zips off of a nice polyfiber pillow form

This pillow has loose polyfiber stuffing

She wanted ruffles so I made this to show her.
(I wanted pleats, yes, I know it it her pillow but sometimes just have to make other to show a choice...well, don't I?)
Working on 2" pleats.

Finished pillow with pleats
She loves it!!! So I will make the other in the same way.
I was going to get better pictures but she took them home right away.
Glad she liked them.

I will have to show her home when finished.
Sewing another post related to Sewing for Sara.  Click Here to read more.
Next up lined window curtains for the bed and bath
Then bed skirt

A personal note*  I lost my Mama a little over a week ago and my heart is so broken. I know she is in a better place, I really do and that is what gets me through. I thank our Lord and Savior for his promise and I will see her again.  Thank you all for your prayers.



  1. They look lovely. I agree on the piping and pleats. It does give it a more finished look. She had no choose but to love them.

  2. Oh my, those are beautiful. You do some nice work.

  3. You are one talented lady.

    I'm sorry for your recent loss and pray you have peace of heart.

  4. Thank you for your prayer and sweet comment. It really does mean a lot.

  5. I really like what you did! Great finds too.

    1. Thank you Kathy! Yes Sara can find a deal that's for sure. My sister Gwen is that way too. We can be shopping side by side and her eye is automatically drawn to the best deal in the store! I don't have that

  6. I love the fabric, my favorite type. I love making pillows, too. I save old feather pillows from the bed and reuse the feathers...

    1. Great idea Nikki! I love this type fabric too! The colors are so beautiful too. Thanks for stopping by! Please come back anytime.


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