Monday, December 15, 2014

Kyndal On The Runway

 Supermodels Unlimited

 Welcome!  I'd like to present to you

Supermodels Unlimited

Shoot for Little Diva Tutus (model-Kyndal)

New York Fashion Week

Kyndal modeling Sebastian Cruz Designs

lipstick girls

Thank you all for coming to our little runway event featuring "Kyndal".  

Isn't she adorable?  I know she is but then again she is my little grand-niece, my littlest friend.  I simply love this sweet child.  She shines like a star when on stage.  When off stage she is  sweet, mannerly, shy and unassuming,  

I tell you she was born with this ability and it hasn't changed her in any way.  I really love that about her!  She has never been forced to do something that she hasn't felt like she should and has the grace of a princess.  

Yes she is our little princess.


  1. Yes, she looks like princess, super adorable Dolly, thanks for sharing! Cuteness runs in your family, right?

    1. Hi Hetty,
      Thank you so much she is the sweetest little thing. Goodness what a nice compliment! I'm smiling! Have a great Christmas Hetty, you and the family!

  2. She is gorgeous - That last photo of her is my favorite.


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