Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Jacques Pepin Artist

Today over at Hibiscus House I have a post devoted to Jacques Pepin and his new collection over at Sur la table.  Here at dolly's designs I'd like to focus on the man and his art!  What talent this man has in the kitchen and with art brush in hand.

An Original by Jacques Pepin and it is sold!

How beautiful!
The new ceramic, linen, and bakeware sets over at Sur la table have chickens on them and I love them as you can imagine.


This and all on the page belong to
Jacques Pepin's Limited Painted that has Sold Out!


I wanted to know
The Story of the Umbrella in Jacques Pepin's Signature
You may know one of the reasons.
'Pepin means umbrella in French'.here and The Chicago Tribune here.

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Check out these links below for more information:
The Artistry of Jacques Pepin website
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Jacques Pepin Sur la table Collection


  1. LOL, I showed my husband the chicken painting and said who did it. He said he wasn't surprised since he is French. I said, What, ALL French people are great artists. He said , Sure they are. LOL It is pretty, isn't it.

    1. Hi Kathy,
      That is so cute! I'm glad you shared with us! I love that too and for some strange reason I never thought of Jacques being an artist. I must have always just thought of him as a wonderful person and chef.
      I might have to break down and get some of these pieces.


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