Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My New Haircut!

Catie cut my hair tonight.  I had so many ideas for a cut and tons of pictures.  This is what I finally have decided to try for a little while.  Catie cut it a little longer than I said believe it or not.  She couldn't stand to go too short.  She cut 7 inches off.  We were going to cut lengths into it too but after she dried it we decided to leave it like this so I could adjust to it.

Hair color post here
You may remember this before shot...

I'm really liking this color she gave me last month.  It is holding true to color very well too.  I'll get a new profile picture done one day and show the front.  I know I'm bad at having pictures taken of myself now.  I'm surprised I'm even doing this.  

Tell me do you have the same style you've had for awhile?  Do you change your style frequently?

How do you feel about makeup?  

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Do you like to wear lots of makeup?


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Do you like natural makeup?

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 I have always liked the natural look.  Gosh knows it takes a long time to makeup to look natural for me!  I'm laughing.  I've always said it is very hard to make up and look naturally beautiful.  Not your makeup looks great, but you look great! Yes, I've always said, " The Trick is to look as if you have no makeup on at all!"

I personally have found that a little cover up...yes I have to use that now to cover dark allergy under eyes. I also put some into the little lines to make them less noticeable.  A great foundation, soft blush and little eyeshadow if any.  Sad though I can't wear mascara much anymore.   I am highly allergic...no matter if it says hypoallergenic...still allergic...When I do you can bet it will be D'efinicils by Lancome.  The best mascara that I've ever found in my 60 years.

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One other important thing is a great loose face powder to hold that makeup and prevent shine.  I use  Lancome Translucence.  It is a very lightweight, soft feathery powder that doesn't cake and look heavy.  No they didn't pay me to say these things nor send me products, although I wish they would..

The best thing you can do to make your makeup look great is to make sure your skin is hydrated and taken care of.  That is the secret.  Well the best one I've found anyway.

Young girls enjoy your beautiful firm complexions while you have them.  When I think about being younger wearing makeup and covering up a great complexion, I feel a little stupid.  That is when putting on makeup is the most fun though.  Remember those days?   I can remember waiting until my Mama would allow me to wear lipstick.

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What are your best features?  I'd love for you to share them with me.  I guess mine have always been my complexion and my eyes.  I've always been told..Peaches and cream complexion was the most heard.  That and you have the most beautiful green eyes!  Cat eyes, I heard that one a lot. What I always considered the worst was my gap between my two front top teeth.  I now see where people have one put in and here I was born with it.  I had some of the gap filled in but now have come to realize that is what makes me, me.

I know I didn't go way out with the hairstyle but I love it.  It is lighter.  I'll let you know if I decide to get the layers cut into it. 

I'm very proud of Catie she is a fine hair stylist!


  1. Come on, turn around. I want to see it from the front. It looks nice from the back.

    I change up my haircut's and colors all the time. But no matter what I try, my hair still always looks like a birds nest.

    My best feature is my dimples - I have always loved them. My worse feature is my front teeth. I knocked them out when I was a teenager and even tho the caps have held up pretty good all these years, one has worn down and now my front teeth look horrible. I can't afford to get them fixed so I am always self conscious when I smile.

    I just go through life with my bird nest hair and toothy grin and pray for the best. LOL.

    1. You are adorable! I love your hair and your smile is contagious because after all I have you modeling on all of my blogs! I'll get a front view soon, guess I just hate to have my picture taken now. I used to be comfortable with it...oh well...Thank you so much for sharing with us! You are very photogenic!

  2. I feel the same way. I hate to have my photo taken but Love the back. I once tried to do a Twiggy hair cut but it didn't turn out. I do need to get a haircut myself. One day!

    1. Oh you would be adorable with the Twiggy cut but then again you'd be adorable with any style!


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