Clearing Craft Room Clutter

I guess you know by now that this lady hasn't been getting anything done in the creative area.
It's now Summer and I've been gardening, cleaning, cooking here at Hibiscus House, but not creating.
I am removing some clutter from my Craft Room/Guest Room
Today I share another's ideas that I've found to give me the motivation to organize.

Now, I need to get to work and clear some space so I can create again!


  1. I did a 4 week series on my blog on this very subject not too long ago. My daughter got married and moved out and that opened up her old room to be transformed into my home sewing room and craft room. My garage is the storage for my Etsy business. Love the way you used videos in the post. Makes it more interesting to read.

    1. I still have so much more to accomplish but living life and enjoying family takes some needed time. Thank you!


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