Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Seahorse Art

Today I'm sharing"Lil Brainiac's' Drawing that was done at school.  The teacher told the students to draw an underwater scene. They had to draw what they could imagine without looking at pictures. He likes to draw seahorses so he drew this for his mom! The teacher then did something with salt to make the bubbles in the water!  Isn't this great?

I haven't pressed this yet but it and the first photo are on a pillow cover I ordered.  They offer so many things that are cute and useful around the home. You know we 'Mimis' would love to have one of each but have to make ourselves stop!...they are so cute!

This is a quilt square and you know I had to have the quilt square!  I have another that he gave me last year as well.  I especially love these and know that one day I will make something that will be treasured forever.

The following will be closer views of his drawing

What a talented little guy!

See his other art work 

Glad you joined us today!
Come back anytime and let's create something.


  1. I love the idea of making quilt squares with those. FAB!!! And he is just too cute for words.

    1. I love it too Kim! Oh thank you he is a sweetheart!


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