Sunday, July 29, 2012

Found Fabric

I lucked up and found a box full of old fabric that I had in storage.
It was so old in fact that I had to wash it.
The sun was so hot that day before I could get a line full, the fabric was dry!

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I hope you all have a wonderful week.
Be back soon here with different fabrics in the Rooster Apron

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Rooster Apron

This is the apron that was made from the Vintage McCall's Pattern 1143
The year for pattern 1944 approximately 68 years old
It is so fragile I had to copy and remake.
It was so good to finally find the pattern though because it was a hard one to find.
I have a lot of chicken lovers in my friends' list.
This one was a custom order.
I just wanted to share it with you.

Applique and needlework

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cotton at Hibiscus House

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I wish it were organically grown but maybe one day.
I love to sew with cotton and have wonderful collection that 
i just received from Quilt in a Day from Eleanor Burns
Beautiful, pieces...while I am sewing please visit some of these stories..

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I am excited just sold some of my aprons and you know I give them names just like my chickens and pets...
pics of recently sold ...have reason for this post I'll be back soon with new designs and later hand sculpted one of a kind creations....
Heidi Sold

Dolly Sold..
(* I sold strawberries for over 22 years you know I had to name that one after me)
Gladys Retro Apron
named after my Aunt's Sister

I will be back soon, canning peaches, cooking pound cakes for people, sewing, sewing, sewing...
busy times at Hibiscus House.
Have a good week

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Apron Fabric and Notion Combinations

Today I am fooling around with some fabric and notions trying to figure out some combinations.
It gets mind boggling at times and I love all fabrics so it is a fun labor....
Do you like any of these?

(I apologize for the poor quality of these pictures)
pale yellow fabric, black rooster, red ric rac for comb and wattle
red or black ric rac for apron trim?

Pale yellow fabric
red gingham rooster
red ric rac comb, wattle and trim

pale yellow fabric
red gingham rooster
red fabric comb and wattle
black ric rac trim or red?

Green gingham fabric, red gingham rooster
red ric rac comb, wattle and trim

Green Gingham fabric black rooster, red ric rac wattle, comb and trim
or red fabric comb and wattle?

Green gingham fabric, black rooster
red comb, fabric or ric rac
black trim

black rooster or white rooster with red wattle and comb
green ric rac trim

Williamsburg Blue fabric with white rooster
red fabric wattle and comb
white ric rac

Michele for you to look at
I now know why those websites say colors may vary from photos....
The fabric in the middle is fabric shown with notions
The fabric at bottom here would have to have pink or white chicken
This is the fabric with the notions above
Michelle this is showing up much deeper in color than it really is because it is much softer
this is showing up some darker also it is a little paler
This is showing a little darker with a green tint, it is yellow actually.
Much darke in detail than other two...would have to have another color rooster

I am using some inspiration from a friend and my vintage and very frail pattern

I realize this is a rather boring post but wanted to get some fabrics on.  Maybe you will tell me your likes and dislikes as for color combinations. I will shortly be sewing full time after this canning is done in the kitchen look out....sewing machine will be smoking!
Oh I will show you the finished products...
Well that is what is happening in the creative way today
Just received a shipment of excellent fabric from Quilt in a Day....can't wait to dig deeper into that huge box 

Hope you all are creating in some form or fashion out there...
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Monday, July 9, 2012

Lovely Fabric and Gorgeous Artwork

Do you sew?  Do you love fabric?  I sure do! 
You can imagine that a fabric store is my favorite store of all....well that and clothing, shoes, furniture, home decor....rambling on
The colors, the textures, the feel of fabric....yes and my all time favorite is guess what?

I purchased these fabrics online at Dorothy Prudie Fabric & Textiles on EBAY.
Dorothy Prudie Vintage
Ok so buying online isn't as much fun you can't actually see well, or feel but you can find some very unusual pieces.  She has Vintage and Vintage Like fabrics that are just beautiful.
Like these:

My absolute favorite piece French Country
It is a linen/cotton blend and looks like 5 fabrics in one
it runs the entire length of the fabric.
My comment is WOW.

This is a vintage style animal jamboree
Isn't it cute?

This Christmas Vintage Style is very pretty

Printed Vintage Style Grandmother's Flower Garden
I love to piece my own but this little piece will make something really cute.

I hope you enjoyed your window shopping this morning.

Oh I almost forgot check out the artwork here and on the  side bars.

Leon Roulette
Negis Art

Have a great creative week!

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