Sunday, October 14, 2012

Retro Post: ~ My First Apron ~

This is the first apron or for that matter first item ever sewn by me. I found it while cleaning out the storage shed, and was so happy, thought I had thrown that one away years ago.

"Little Gingham Apron"
Made in Home Economics Class

Teacher:  Mrs Loutee Pardue

I can remember being in her class and thinking "Wow, she is so hard on me!"
I truly thought she hated me.
Years later when she visited quite often at our strawberry farm she told me why..
"She said, Dolly I realize that I was very hard on you and would you like to know why?"
I said, "Yes Ma'am please tell me."
She said, "I pushed you so hard because I saw so much potential there and I see that I was right.
"I am very proud of you."
Ok whew, 30 years later and it was wonderful to find that out anyway!

Teachers you may never know how your words and actions affect the school children, hope this lets you know.

I still have my very first sewing scissors from that class

I am in the middle with the bonnet and wearing my apron
We had a photo shoot for the school annual for

Future Homemakers of America
How retro is that? Love it!

Apron shown straightened out, made from 1 yard of fabric and simple.
Look at all of the pocket area...
I'm gonna make more now.

Apron shown here gathered on waistband/ties

 Now go and make you a pretty apron!

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  1. Great post. And you're so right - one of the teachers who was hardest on me in grammar school turned out to be one of my favorites. Go figure!

    1. Hi Kim! They do make impressions don't they? Thanks for the cute comments.

  2. Dolly, I remember my HomeEC class too, and still have a few items from that class. Cloth tape measurer, some snaps and hook and eyes, still on the original cardboard. I also still have my Singer sewing machine, and cabinet that my mother bought me while taking that class, though I don't use the machine anymore, my new Viking is setting on the repurposed cabinet. Too bad HomeEc was one of the classes cut, and many girls don't learn even the basics anymore. Ethel

    1. Hey Ethel,
      That is a cute story I finally had to throw my tape measurer away last year it was crumbling and popping into. Oh and you still have your Singer...special memories. I agree it is bad that they cut Home Ec...but then again unless we see a big resurgence of homemaking again most young women are not at home keeping ..... loved your comments thanks for visiting today Ethel!

  3. Dolly your apron is still must have been elated when you found it!I've always said that teachers have the most important job in the world because what they do or don't do can change a young person's life forever!
    So glad your teacher was tough on you...look at all you do...of course she would be very proud!

  4. Dolly, I love your first apron... Mine was red and white. Brings back fond memories of making mine I think I made a pot holder to match! Love...

  5. Wow! That is fantastic. You still have it. Don't laugh, but my 6th grade apron was stolen and not found until the end of the school year by the teacher. It never got finished because we did not own a sewing machine at my Mom's place. Haha. Oh, the toil of youth.

    1. Hi Heidi, I would never laugh about that. It is sad that someone stole your apron. I'm glad you got it back. Do you still have it somewhere? I would love to see it. Evidently somebody knew you were quite the seamstress even at that early age. Do you wonder who took it? I do. Yes you were good even then!


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