What Do These Items Have in Common?

Wire Cutter, needle nose pliers, sculpting tools and polymer clay?

The pasta maker and rolling pin....conditioning and rolling out clay.

Ok well cup of coffee and computer just so....

Terra Cotta Clay

I knew that Cake Decorating Class would come in useful in other ways ~~
I have many uses for this cookie, candy, cake pan ~ One is to use as a mold for easy clay ornaments!
For Class in Archives Click: Here

Those pans are good for quick ornament, hang tag, dining place cards, hostess and guest gifts.

Santa Bust that I made quite a few years ago.
If you wish to see other Santas' in the Archives
Click: Here

These items and many more can be used to create the most interesting things.
If life allows the creative mood to come to a reality original hand sculpted pieces will be on the way.
I hope that each and everyone of you use the talents that God has given to you.
Don't sit back, just do it!  You won't know what you can do unless you try..

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Those are going to be some awesome ornaments Dolly.

  2. My problem is not doing crafts. I crochet, needlework, quilt, stain glass, jewelry, and ceramics. My problem is unfinished projects. My husband says I can't die till they are finished ,so I should live forever.


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