She is Unusual but Talented

I'm speaking of my daughter Catie.  She can whip up a large cross stitch picture in a matter of hours.  When she was 5 years old she crocheted a chain with rug yarn.  Do you want to know what she was making?  It was her Rapunzel Hair.  Funny thing is she was born with a head full of hair; so much so that the doctors and nurses took tours to see it.  She would stand at the top of the stairs and throw down her hair.  We never knew but always watched for her hair to be on the staircase.

In her spare time there is yarn in her hand and she can out crochet anyone I know.  Yes she is young and has had the talent of my grandmothers' from such a young age.  She makes scarves, purses, any number of things.  Sewing is another of her talents.  She can look at something or think of something she wants and just make it all without patterns.  When she was also 4 or 5 I had to give her a needle and thread to design and make her many Barbie Dolls their designer clothing.

Today I share a design that shows she is young.  It is her latest cross stitch design from the horror movie Evil Dead.  She likes horror films.  I am too squeamish but here is her latest.

 Sampling of things she makes anything from scarf, hamburger purse, eyeball bag.  Yes that's right an eyeball bag...told you she is unusual but talented!

 Her Store @ STORENVY
She has a Facebook Page Catie's Closet HERE
Have a great and creative weekend!

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    1. Thank you Kim, I'll pass that along and know it will make her smile.

  2. wow, lovely. I am so happy you shared this post at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop . Big Hugs


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