Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Apron Retro 54

Hello Everybody today's newest apron is from 1954

Retro Butterick  B5435
I made a version of view B with the flowing circular skirt, pocket with flower applique and button in center.  I love the way the ric rac wraps around the pocket and rolls up and down at the bottom of skirt.  This is a size Large apron which is only 1 1/2" difference in waistband and frankly it makes not much difference on my size 8 mannequin.  I am sure you could use this pattern in this size from small to extra large.  I thoroughly enjoyed making this apron and intend to make the other views.  I hope you enjoy this trip I am taking on aprons. I will be making different things for sure as I go along from some clothing to clay crafts, crochet and knit items. Thanks for visiting and looking.  I do have to say thought that my pictures do not do the fabric justice.  It is a soft pattern but it is prettier in person.

pocket wrapped in ric rac with flower applique and button center

Now I must make a solid yellow and add more flowers like this one isn't it cute?
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  1. Thanks Michelle! I have one you love coming up soon.

  2. Super cute! I really love the ric rac and floral design. Such vintagy goodness! I think a yellow one will be fabulous too. Visiting from the Cowgirl up link party. ~ Jamie

  3. Hi Jamie,
    Thank you and yes I bought yellow fabric today I agree it looks so cute...So glad you stopped by.

  4. Oh! I love it - reminds me of my mom and MIL (:


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