Thursday, June 28, 2012

Simple Items with an Unusual Twist

A few selected items in the stores for you to check out.  Most are one of a kind items from patterns of old. My Grandmother Cora and her mother Maggie wore the Grandma's Apron I have in the stores.  It is so very simple but so very useful.  I have one of hers' stored away and I wear one that I have had since the 80's and it still looks brand new. Something doesn't have to have bells and whistles to make it a genuinely great item.
We also have two very cute smocks embellished by CC Seahorse Designs
You can't miss the ultra modern crochet from Catie Cole
and last but not least check out the knitted with pride by Me Maw Designs
the dishtowels and clothes that last for years and years.
Hope you enjoy and please support your local at home crafters.



So cute the embellishments on these items.
Your little girl will feel pretty while creating her own original design.

For some really cool designs, no one else will have check out
this section of dolly's designs

Knitted with pride

"Gladys" Retro Pattern
Butterick "54 B5435

New design creations will be added shortly...

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Enchanted Dolls Marina Bychkova

I love the expressions in these dolls' eyes.  They seem to be alive so sad and realistic.

Marina:  One thing that viewers tend to observe most often is that Enchanted Dolls appear to be sad. My intention is to convey emotional and physical vulnerability through my dolls. I gravitate towards creating non-smiling dolls with a contemplative look because I’d like to leave their facial expressions ambiguous enough for personal interpretations and allow a projection of the viewer’s own emotions onto the doll. A smiling face is very attractive, but it always means one thing: joy. This significantly narrows down the meaning behind each face, while a thoughtful, emotional and contemplative appearance can subtly imply many different moods and thoughts.




 Artist: Marina Bychkova
click on link below to read more about her:
Enchanted Doll


you tube video  **has some doll nudity**

 These dolls just caught my attention, they are beautiful
Marina has such a talent and it shows.
I hope you enjoy this post

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thanks to Cottage at the Crossroads and Print Runner!

Profile Picture

Jane of Cottage at the Crossroads along with
had a giveaway

I was one very lucky excited winner!

I want to thank you all very much!  Please pay Jane and Leo a visit at Cottage at the Crossroads, a wonderful  blog.
I love it and you will too.

To Print Runner I am very impressed and love my new business cards!
They are gorgeous and I intend to order more soon.  You should check out their site, the links are above.  I am just happy with my new business cards.

 Jane and Leo a great big hug and a huge thank you for this timely gift. 
dolly's designs is getting up and running and I am excited.

Print Runner you do very excellent custom work and I am thankful to you!

card front
I wanted back to look as pretty or prettier than front so
card back

Sewing on the wonderful vintage rooster pattern now and pictures will be up within a week.
Please pay dolly's designs @HandmadeArtists Shop and @ ETSY...Only few items but more up shortly.
My heartfelt thanks to all!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Early 1900 French Fashions

My journey searching for vintage patterns has led me to some very interesting fashion pictures.
I am busy sewing, enjoying grandchildren, canning fresh vegetables, tending flowers and just plain enjoying life.
I thought I would share some of the patterns, and fashions I have come across on the internet.
First Up

Early 1900 French Fashions













1920s Flapper Era

I hope you enjoyed looking at fashions of the past,


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