Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Apron Retro 54

Hello Everybody today's newest apron is from 1954

Retro Butterick  B5435
I made a version of view B with the flowing circular skirt, pocket with flower applique and button in center.  I love the way the ric rac wraps around the pocket and rolls up and down at the bottom of skirt.  This is a size Large apron which is only 1 1/2" difference in waistband and frankly it makes not much difference on my size 8 mannequin.  I am sure you could use this pattern in this size from small to extra large.  I thoroughly enjoyed making this apron and intend to make the other views.  I hope you enjoy this trip I am taking on aprons. I will be making different things for sure as I go along from some clothing to clay crafts, crochet and knit items. Thanks for visiting and looking.  I do have to say thought that my pictures do not do the fabric justice.  It is a soft pattern but it is prettier in person.

pocket wrapped in ric rac with flower applique and button center

Now I must make a solid yellow and add more flowers like this one isn't it cute?
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Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Found It!

Several friends and I love this vintage pattern.   I have searched high and low trying to find it.  It cost an arm and a leg but I found it!
So This is what I will be working on this week.  I am excited about having some wonderful crocheted and knitted items to put into the shop.  I will pull out the clay, sculpting tools, paper mache....The Husqvarna Viking Designer 1 is getting a workout....all of this is so exciting to me.
The vintage apron patterns are on my mind at the moment and I have lots to show you.  Then it is on to French Country Cottage Pillows
Scandinavian designed items
A little Country
A little Classic Traditional
Lots of colors and my main love White!
All of this and talking to my precious grandson P on the phone he now has "Mimi's" phone number and I wouldn't take anything for that to hear that sweet voice on the other line is indeed priceless.

Here he is with his newborn brother Baby H
Another blessing from God.  He came early so tiny but look at him now:

He is really growing and thriving another beautiful grandchild.

Hope you will join me as I start to create again after a leave of absence of 15 years...
Have a great week!

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Chicken Feed Sacks Blowin In The Wind

 I know about the grocery bags, or totes people make but questions does anyone make anything else from these? Please let me know I need some ideas to use these... 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Everything Old Is New Again

Yes I am on roll finding vintage apron patterns. These are from the 50s mostly with the exception of the Quaker Oats Free Apron Pattern it was in the 60s an original uncut..by Luis Este'vez I am proud to have that one. In the past I would not have opened the seal of such a collectable but today I am going to make these.  Isn't it strange how something that was free back in the day is so special in later years?

I hit a jackpot, well paid for this jackpot too. I know I could improvise and just make replicas but heck I want the original patterns and just look at these cute aprons!
I can't wait to receive them and make them..to my friend Michelle look out girl I found the rooster pattern...

If anybody needs me I'll be at the cutting table and sewing machine....What are you up too this week?

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Busy Exciting Time

     Aprons, yet again aprons. I have a new shop that I am sewing for trying to get ready to open.  An online shop that is with Handmade Artists' Shop. It is called of course dolly's designs...I should have been more original with the name but it stuck because of this blog.  I have been searching high and low finding antique or vintage apron patterns. There are a great number of them but some are so fragile it doesn't seem worth the high price to buy them. However I have found a few and will be making them and selling them in this shop. My daughter says why don't I just make some to look like them but it wouldn't be the same to me.  
     The sizes in the patterns as well as ready to wear clothing have changed dramatically over the years. We humans are getting larger and larger and not just in weight but in height and bone structure. It still amazes me to see the difference.  An example for the pattern shown above: Vintage 50s size 18-20 Bust measurements are 38-40inches and waist measurements are 30-32 inches.  Now a size 20 pattern usually fits a 42" bust and 34" waist. These are just examples.........changes
     I am very excited about this new venture. Those of you that sew and create, I think that probably will be all of you readers, know the love of creating. It is not all about the money, it is for the love of doing it.  Of course we need more money to buy more supplies so we can make more creations, don't we?
     I want to thank Heidi for the beautiful fabric that she has just sent to me. I won her monthly UFO sewing challenge and just look at that collection. Isn't it gorgeous?  I hope that for those of you that sew and quilt you will join her and send your link her prizes are great!!! Besides don't you want to show off your creations?  I sure do.

Thanks Heidi from UFO Roll Call

 The first item I think to go in the store will be some of my very own Grandma Cora's pattern that is very sentimental to me. 

They were taught not to smile very much in pictures but this was the sweetest, most pleasant woman I have ever met in my entire life.  She never uttered a harsh word against anybody.  It is because of this and my other grandmother that I have such a love for sewing.  Growing up watching them sew was just sheer pleasure. Memories of going to our small town fabric store and standing in line for what seemed like hours while she had fabric cut. I then in later years had my girls standing while I had fabric cut. Love, love, love fabric..well should say like, grandma said don't love things...I really like fabric Grand Mama.

Photo 1
This is a dressy little number
I see so many cute possibilities for this little number.

I am busy sewing and having fun.
What are you doing?
Please share with Heidi so we can all see what you are making.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Aprons, Aprons, Aprons!

You either love them or you don't, it seems.
     I happen to love them, as did my Grandmothers  before me.  There is just something about an apron that says to me at least; there is going to be something cooking on the stove and this house is going to be cleaned....Housekeeping another thing we either love or hate....
     My Grandmother (Grandma) Cora always made simple aprons as did her mother Great Grandma Maggie, before her.  I have taken one of her aprons for a pattern and have made and sold them for years.
     I did make a slight change in some of these and added some rings to adjust the neck edge.
I hope you enjoy the aprons and fabric in this post. 
For a sewer, fabric is like candy in a candy store such a treat....
Sweet Grandmama Cora and her apron

I added some music for you to work with....