Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Aprons, Aprons, Aprons!

You either love them or you don't, it seems.
     I happen to love them, as did my Grandmothers  before me.  There is just something about an apron that says to me at least; there is going to be something cooking on the stove and this house is going to be cleaned....Housekeeping another thing we either love or hate....
     My Grandmother (Grandma) Cora always made simple aprons as did her mother Great Grandma Maggie, before her.  I have taken one of her aprons for a pattern and have made and sold them for years.
     I did make a slight change in some of these and added some rings to adjust the neck edge.
I hope you enjoy the aprons and fabric in this post. 
For a sewer, fabric is like candy in a candy store such a treat....
Sweet Grandmama Cora and her apron

I added some music for you to work with....



  1. Your aprons are beautiful Dolly. Such pretty fabric.

  2. Pretty! Are there any particular patterns you like? Something easy, for a beginner?

  3. Oh, lovely aprons! I do love aprons, and I'm a HUGE Lucy fan too. :D

  4. So so pretty Dolly! who wouldn't want to work in those lovelies? Even Cinderellie would be happy!

  5. Love the aprons, love wearing aprons, and love making aprons. I also love grandma wearing hers, cute picture!!!!

  6. I found you at the Cowgirl Up link party. I love your aprons and that you got the pattern from one of your grandmother's aprons. You are carrying on the traditions. That's so important. I especially love the lavender one with the little flowers. It reminds me of one someone wore when I was little, must be my mom. Sweet memories. Hope you'll stop by and visit at my place sometime!

  7. Cute Aprons! Love the Ric Rac! Found you from Country Homemaker Hop. This is what I would love to see on "Farm Fresh Friday"! Hope you'll stop by and give it a look see? By the way, I love Lucy and Ethel too!!

  8. Cute, cute aprons! Love your fabrics! :)

  9. Thanks for linking up and "getting fresh" with us!! Have a great weekend!!

  10. Love that blue apron. Wonder why we quit wearing aprons? Saw you on salls farm fresh blog

  11. Love them all. I wear an apron every time I cook. Hugs and thank you for joining in the hop fun. xo

  12. Dolly, your aprons are so lovely. Like a princess uniform. Your Grandma Cora and my Grandma Pearl would have been best chums I bet. They both lived in their pinnies.


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