Monday, May 21, 2012

Everything Old Is New Again

Yes I am on roll finding vintage apron patterns. These are from the 50s mostly with the exception of the Quaker Oats Free Apron Pattern it was in the 60s an original Luis Este'vez I am proud to have that one. In the past I would not have opened the seal of such a collectable but today I am going to make these.  Isn't it strange how something that was free back in the day is so special in later years?

I hit a jackpot, well paid for this jackpot too. I know I could improvise and just make replicas but heck I want the original patterns and just look at these cute aprons!
I can't wait to receive them and make my friend Michelle look out girl I found the rooster pattern...

If anybody needs me I'll be at the cutting table and sewing machine....What are you up too this week?

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  1. YAY. I can't wait. Let me know if you would like a deposit for the purchase of the fabric. Or let me know the price of the finished apron.I would be more then happy to send it to you.After this one I may have to order more. To many great patterns.


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