Works of Art by Cowboy Artist Tim Cox

"Reflections of a Passing Day"    here

Tim Cox Art on the Cover of the 75th Anniversary of 
Western Horseman Magazine
We were very honored Tim was asked to create the cover of the 75th Anniversary 
edition of Western Horseman. "Reflections of a Passing Day" has been an overwhelming 
success since its release on the magazine.  To Tim this truly painting symbolized the past 
and the future of the western rider. read more about it  here

 "Summer Breezes"   here

"Her Chance to Dance"    here

 "The Blowup"    here
"The Blowup" is the most action packed painting Tim has done in a long time! I absolutely love bucking horses and their significance to the cowboy lifestyle.

"As Good As It Gets"    here

 "Heart and Home"    here

 "On to Better Pastures"    here

"The entire time I was working on this painting, I was thinking about the vanishing way of life of the cowboy. Phil Bidegain is one of the owners of the T-4 ranch and the president of the NM Cattlegrowers. There is a lot of symbolism in this painting. The clouds and storm in the background - troubled times. The ray of light - hope. The rider out front sitting tall and straight in the saddle - head up looking to see the future. He is surrounded by light, but also bushes of mesquite thorns representing the daily challenges. The cattle are highlighted with a golden glow, which is their wealth. Phil is out front of the herd with his loyal hands leading them all "On To Better Pastures".

"Reluctant Company"    here

"When Change Comes Slowly"    here

"October Mist"    here

"Where the Sun Shines on Top of the Mountain"    here
This painting depicts several of our favorite horses in the winter of their lives that went on to better pastures where the sun shines on the mountain tops.

 "Hicks Hereford Heifers"    here

"Should Have Been a Stockbroker"    here

"Long Days Short Pay"    here
"Every ranch I have ever been on since I was a kid the young cowboys complain about the long days and short pay. I am sure the horses feel the same way. Then there are the cowboys that have figured it out that it is not about the money it is about the moments; the beauty and peace of riding out to meet a new morning , seeing a new born calf or foal, the freedom of the open spaces, glorious sunsets, the satisfaction of a job well done and all life's little pleasures make it worthwhile."

 "Racing Sundown"    here
This painting even comes in large size for Longhorn Steakhouse though out of stock now

"Twilight"    here

Tim Cox Cowboy Artist   Bio

I'll leave you here.  I hope you've enjoyed your tour as much as I.
  I have placed links to each painting so that you may see more information.  Tim and Suzie would love to have you come visit their website.  I can tell you it is an experience you will enjoy.
I'd like to personally thank Tim and Suzie for sharing so graciously this beautiful artwork.

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  1. Those are stunning! The first one is my favorite.

    1. I agree they sure are! I like that one too! Good to hear from you Kim.


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