Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Creative Blog Hop #8

Welcome to week 8

Calling creative people from all areas.  Do you paint?  Are you an artist? Do you Sculpt?  Do you Quilt?  Sew? Floral Arrangements?  Pretty Finishing Touches like table scapes? A certain way that you decorate? Refinish furniture? Re-purpose items in a creative way?  

Whatever you talent may be please share so we all can see!

This link below is of a recently made friend with so much talent.  I am so impressed with her talent. I sculpt in the same way she does but in no way do I have the creative ability to create as she does.
Click link below to see her sculpt, then please return and add your creative link

She and her husband are doll maker/creaters.  Jodi and her husband Richard.
I add a little info about Jodi and Richard:
 My husband Richard and I are Professional Full Time Artists/Sculptors of Art Dolls and Miniatures... since 1977. Love and Humor have kept us working side by side and Happy for the last 37 + years. We live in the Arizona Desert with our Puppy Tess. We love our kayaks and our Tipi.
My Father was a Big Band Musician playing with everyone from Benny Goodman , Artie Shaw to both Dorseys. He lead the Harry James Orchestra for 9 years. Had a record contract with Capital Records...also did the Time Life Series 'The Swing Era'.. My Mom was a Rosie Rivitor, sang at the Hollywood Canteen during the war, was an under study at Warner Brother Studios in the early 40's ... ...and then there is me...their kid...maker of Art Dolls!!! ??? LOL

It seems that she comes from a very talented family.  I found her videos while searching You Tube for sculpting videos.

The Creative Blog Hop Rules:

1.  Write a post or you may already have one that you wish to share about your creative talents
Include pictures. In fact if pictures of your creation are all you wish to share then by all means do so.
 If you wish, share your instructions and materials used:  Tutorials of course will be accepted, gladly.

2.  The projects or items must be Tasteful we have viewers of all ages so please keep that in mind

3.  The project you share must be your Own Creation or you must give credit to the owner

4.  Please include The Creative Blog Hop Button on left side bar

On you post that you add or link back here  so that others can see and come back to blog hop.

Your blog will be listed in the Creative Crafters' List on the right side bar when you link a post.  If I forget to add please let me know.

 Let's have some creative fun now!


  1. Thank You for inviting me to post on your creative blog hop #8 !!! :) *Cynthia

  2. This looks like fun, I've added your party button and link to my blog party page. I'll be getting back to partying soon!

  3. Thank you so much for hosting Dolly! Wishing you a wonderful week!


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