Saturday, September 13, 2014

Honeybee Haven

 I've been sewing and enjoying the vintage antique pattern McCalls 1279 from the year 1946.  The cost was 25 cents.  It is not a utility full coverage apron.  It is a dressy little thing.  Women were small and oh so dainty.

 You probably remember Patchwork Patty
It was given away and people chose her more than any of the rest.

This adorable pattern makes up so cute and different each time with the fabric choices.  Honeybee Haven is made from quality 100% premium quilters cotton.  The Name is "A's, Bees & Dandelion Seeds by Jacqueline Paton for Red Rooster Fabrics.

The color is really beautiful and screams Fall but would work just as well for Spring with honeybees and dandelions floating around.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing this apron.  I only make one apron in a certain fabric for that one of a kind item.  Honeybee Haven already has a home but I wanted to share it with you before it leaves me.

 I have three more from this pattern to share with you so I'll be back soon.
Each item made with pride and named.

Until Later



  1. I am twirling around the room in anticipation of this! I love that you give your aprons names.

    1. Alright! I hope it fits and if not you let me know we'll take it in...


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