Sunday, September 14, 2014

"Pinky T"

Introducing "Pinky T"

Isn't she pretty?  I like this plaid fabric.  It is pretty isn't it?  Pinky T is a sister to Patchwork Patty and Honeybee Haven They were all made from the antique pattern shown below.  You may can tell by the photo that these are dainty little dressy aprons, with a country look of course.  You'll never guess the inspiration for the name I've given her.....

First I'll share some information about this particular apron.....

McCalls 1279 One Size cost 25 cents
Pattern Copyright 1946 

**This is not a full coverage utility apron.  It is a dressy hostess small frontal coverage apron.  It has a cute bottom ruffle with dainty little bow accents.  The fabric is 100% Premium Quilters Cotton.  The bow is called Summer Breeze from RJR Fabrics and I'm sorry I've lost the name of the Plaid. It is a one size fits all pattern but older patterns are smaller for size..The manequin I own is a size 8.   I hate to tell you this but at this moment I wear a size 12 and Pinky T covers my front not side hip area.  It ties comfortably enough but wanted to let you know of the size.**

This particular apron and Patchwork Patty were made according to the pattern and would be considered a size Extra Small-MediumLarge could get away with it but very limited coverage

People were a lot smaller in size back then.  Women's body frames were smaller more dainty.
I've worked in retail and have seen one size change while there.  Tags were changed at all manufacturers to show a smaller size than we actually were.  They have done this more than 
once.  A little tidbit for you.  Did you know that a size 10 from the past is really a size 14 now?
You can also tell this with some antique dining room sets.  The chairs were oh so dainty and much smaller.  We are growing people.

I do like this pattern it is very cute and brings back memories of how ladies were indeed very feminine.  Still, when naming this apron pink, soft and yet strong, vibrant, showy..brings to mind this person...dainty yet not so dainty....

Pinky Tuscadero of Happy Days

I think it is a dainty little apron that can be tough!
It should last for years.

Pinky T on the ironing board & a glimpse into the sewing area

close up view of  bow

This particular apron is for sale.  It was made with love. I present to you " Pinky T "

Pinky T is gone but restocking store now with others.

My stores Handmade Artists and Etsy if interested.

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  1. It's beautiful - but then, all your aprons are.

    Size extra small - medium will be a perfect fit for me. I hate to even tell you what tiny little size I am. :-)

    1. Hey Kim You know Pinky T was almost named Kim but changed....will have that on later...I can see how tiny you are girl! Wonderful.

    2. Thank you for the nice compliment!


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