Saturday, July 11, 2015

Kyndal's Art Featured

Kyndal at Art Exhibit held in our local museum 

Today I'm sharing Kyndal's Art Exhibit that was held the month of January.   I apologize for the delay but have wanted to share for some time. 
Those of us that have creative blogs know how we collect projects.  We have so many things going on in our creative circles and in our minds that sometimes things are put into a special place.  They are not forgotten only held until later.  Join me as I share this art project from my little niece Kyndal.  

"A Plastic Landscape"


I asked Kyndal to explain how she made this project.  Would you believe it is made with recycled plastic shopping bags?  I never knew that they had such colors.  When she explained how they did these I was amazed. 

They cut, scrunched, twisted and turned the colored pieces of the bags they wanted to use on a sticky board.  One side of the board was sticky the other not.  They couldn't see what they had done until they turned this board over.  Just look at this!  
Kyndal explaining how to make the artwork

She did the clouds first then the tree and flowers.  Lastly she covered the board with the sky and grass.

The students had a choice as to the season they wanted to portray with their project.  Kyndal chose Spring.  She portrayed it well.

Topics covered were Color, Value and Hue.  Kyndal said ,"Notice the different browns in the tree for example."  Then she said, "Well, notice the different color values in all of the colors in the picture."
It is so very pretty.

I personally never paid much attention to the shopping bags from different retailers.  I never knew the colors were so vibrant.

No paint was added to these projects.  Only the board and the plastic shopping bags were used.

Close-up to see the detail

 "Ms. Heckman and Kyndal at Art Exhibit"
 Kyndal's project along with a few others were chosen to go in the exhibit.

We're so very proud of Kyndal.  She is very talented in many ways. 

I hope you enjoyed the exhibit and learned a few things along the way.  I know that I did!

Thanks Kyndal!


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    1. Thanks Kim! I know and I would never think to use them in that way. I do recycle them but this is a pretty way to do it!

  2. We just got blue bags from the grocery, I hadn't seen that color before. That's pretty creative of her and now that I see it close up I see the bags.

    1. I wish I could have seen them making those that would have been interesting. Blue bags I'll notice bags more now....


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