Friday, May 15, 2015

Work of Art

"Lil Brainiac"  did this at school and they sent the artwork off to make a quilt square. What a grand idea! This is just a section of his artwork quilt square.  My photography just doesn't do his work any justice.  It is really good and I'm touched that "Mimi" gets to have this.  Come on in to see the rest of this....

The square isn't crooked...(my photo is! lol)

Little One and Lil Brainiac
I really like this portrait on canvas

They are adorable!
I love these little fellas so much!

He did such a great job and I can't decide what to do with the quilt square but it will be cherished forever.  That and this wonderful portrait of you boys!

What wonderful ways to create and save for the future generations.  

Until next time I hope you enjoyed and remember to create!

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  1. That is so adorable and you have an artist in the making. Where in the world did they send that to be made into material? I'd sure find out and then have everyone in your family draw something, get them made into fabric and make a quilt out of them. How awesome would that be? At the very least, you have to frame that. It would make me happy every time I looked at it.

    1. What great ideas Kim! That would be great! I thought about framing if I couldn't get a quilt together. I'll have to find out where they sent those too...Such sweet comments...he will smile! Thanks!


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