Fashion Sketches from Hayden Williams

Today I share some illustrations, drawings of fashion by Hayden Williams. I find them very interesting.  Join me won't you...

Blushingly Beautiful by Hayden Williams

The Great Gatsby

In the words of Hayden Williams 
So honoured that Disney & Tumblr have asked me to design a reimagined dress in honour of the live action movie Cinderella. This is my modernised but still classic interpretation of her that will be brought to life in couture form. A dream that you wish really can come true! �� 

From sketch to reality, here is my reimagined Cinderella dress designed for Disney & Tumblr in honour of the movie. Multiple layers of silk organza, tulle, silk crepe satin & metallic lace, finished off with Swarovski crystals. Perfect for a modern day Princess! I am so proud of this couture creation!  Click credit below to see the dress.

A Very Stylish Girl

Modern Ellegance

Carmen Dell'Orefice 

Happy Birthday Marilyn

Getting Ready

Ditta Von Teese
sharing for my Catie!

Kiss & Make-Up

Someone likes the pink lipstick like me...My girls pick at me about my timeless pink lipstick that I wear all the time. 
I certainly had fun sharing this young fashion illustrator artist's work.  Hayden Williams.  Hayden is a British Fashion Illustrator & Designer.  Who says he is 'Conquering the world one fashion sketch at a time....H.W.
Artists, Magazines etc. have featured his work and I see why.  Maybe I can talk him into doing a spotlight story for Hibiscus House.....

Hayden Williams Instagram

I share what I like and hope you enjoy it!

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