Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sweater Ideas You Say In Spring?

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It is warming up and you may be cleaning out your closets and drawers.  I thought I'd post today a few videos with ideas for how to Re-Purpose your unwanted sweaters...come on in and check them out......

This is the time to be thinking of what to do with unwanted or unused items.  A clean fresh start and a purpose for the items you are discarding.  You of course will give some away for others to use but some may very well have a new life in another form.  So I invite you to sit back and get ideas from the videos posted.

Making Mittens from Sweaters in Minutes!

More Mitten Ideas!

Mittens with Matching Hat, Legwarmers, Pillow Covers

 Dolly's Tips:  If you want to make removable pillow covers: 
1) Cut one section of cover longer to make an envelope in back section of will hem the raw edges like an envelope.  Sew two pillow sections together and then put your pillow or form into the cover.  That way you can change and add different pillow covers depending on the season, or decor.  You will get much more use out of the pillow or pillow insert.  Well, let me make it video below, keep in mind you are making this with a sweater but of course the video will help you when making with other fabrics as well.
2) You can also find pillow forms or pillows that are inexpensive while out shopping new, antiques, yard sales, as well as sweaters you may not want to wear but with great ideas Re-Purpose.

Sew an Envelope Pillow Cover Beginner

My Personal Notes**She mentions washing pillow cover after she has already sewn the item.  My suggestion to you would be that if you want to prewash:  Wash your fabric before making the item because fabric shrinks sometimes.  Never take the time to make your item and then wash because it very well may not fit your insert. (Do I always prewash? No I do not with quality fabric the shrinkage would be so small it wouldn't harm project.  If you however buy less than quality fabric I suggest you prewash.)
**The sweater should have already been washed.  Wool take on a whole new quality washed so if your sweater is woolen and you are going to wash do so before you make your item.

I hope you enjoyed the videos featured in today's post and feel motivated to sew, create, enjoy!

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