Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Making "Molly"

Hello out there!  Hope you're well.  I already know you're busy because the weather is so beautiful.  I haven't been in the sewing room for quite awhile and I've missed it.  Today I share the making of

Is this color combination timeless?  I think so just look at the black-white and vibrant red!  You can't go wrong with that combination.
Speaking of timeless this pattern is another item that appears to be just that!  1940's McCall Pattern that is just too cute.  I have yet to make myself one they don't hang around long enough.  
Gingham Check Timeless!
Check out the newspaper pattern!  
I really must remake this pattern on better material!
 I think I should own stock in rick rack by now!
 Did you notice I finally got a new ironing board cover?
I should have swept the floor and picked up the place before this pic...
I was listening to a podcast from The Green Cleaning Coach while sewing.  
They were talking about Spring Cleaning!  
Good motivation for me!
 "Molly" is a pretty apron
Don't you just love our entertainment center?
I sure do found it in the back room of our favorite furniture store.
Love it! (Grandma told me not to say I love things.  You can love people but not things.)
 Guess I'm bad because I say it all the time.  Sorry grandma.
I hope you enjoyed the making of "Molly" as much as I enjoyed making it!  

I get so excited going through fabrics and thinking what I'm going to sew or make.  Too bad we can't make all we can think up! Of course I'd need a warehouse or two to hold all in my thoughts!
We have new chicks here at Hibiscus House and they are growing so quickly.  They sit on my lap and eat out of my hand. Love the Buff Orpingtons!  The garden and grass/weeds are growing quite well out here too!

Until next time Create!


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