Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Tour Through Blog Land

I have to admit I was honored to have been asked if I could be one of the blogs Hetty of Stone House Workshop featured.

It is she that has so many wonderful talents. I was asked a few questions about my blogging and to share one or more blogs that I admire.  I share today about Hetty as well as my FarmGirl Sisters lots of blogs with MaryJaneFarms...Well come on in you can read more about it....

When I tell you Hetty is talented I really mean it!  Look at the beautiful dish clothes she hand knitted and shared on one of the first weekly blog parties I had.  She graciously shared her works of art. I'm so glad to have met her.  She is a pretty special lady. 

Would you like to see what she did with this cute chair?  I know you do so go here to check it out!
She has some great before and after pictures you can see here.  Be sure to check her Portfolio here .  Stone House Work Shop  Creative Furniture Refinishing and Fiber Arts website:

Ceramic Tile Making here 
I haven't tried it yet, but with she and her sister's tutorial I just might have to make tile.

I'm thankful to have been asked to join this Tour Through Blog Land!  We have 3 questions to answer so guess I'll get to it.

1) What am I working on?

I'm working very hard getting fabric selections to make more aprons. I have a wonderful group of friends which I enjoy very much.  They have been sharing some of my work and it has kept me quite busy.  The latest work was a rooster apron.

I loved the brown & green fabric combination from the moment I put it into my hands.  Do you do that?  Do you see something and automatically know it is going to make something fantastic?  I can feel it sometimes. Click here.  To see how the apron was made.  
I used a vintage pattern to make it.  People just love it!  I try to make one of a kinds at least in the fabric selection.  
At times that gets a little tricky because when people see a certain item they want IT.  I always tell them  there are so many beautiful fabrics out there and no one is ever disappointed. 
The Peacock feathers with the purple accents is up next.  Look at the colors.  Aren't they beautiful?  This combination I knew would be a hit too.  It is for someone and I'll post the finished product later.

2) Why Do I Write What I Do?

I really don't know except for the fact that I have so many interests.  One thing led to another and before I knew it I was writing not one blog but 3. I was also working for a friend on her blog as well.

I love our home in the country Hibiscus House Main Blog.

It seems I've been cooking forever.  I always cooked in the kitchen with my mama.  The love of cooking continued on so Dolly is Cooking Blog was born.

You're here at dolly's designs  the designing part of my nature.  I started sewing at a very young age.  I'd make clothing for others as well as myself.  Then my beautiful girls were born. You can imagine the pretty ruffles I had the pleasure of making. Lots of ruffles for Sunday and Easter.  I'd make the simple Little House on the Prairie dresses for them to wear to school.
Craft Shows kept me busy for years.  Traveling around meeting people.  I so enjoyed talking to them about their talents and sharing mine.  One such person I met was head of  Folk Art Institute in New York.  She told me she loved my sculpted and sewn work.  She told me that it was true Folk Art and said I should continue on to do something with it.  It pleased me to know that.  She said something that is with me today, "Dolly, Sign your work always!"  "One day a piece will show up and it will be something!  You will want it known that it is your piece." "Remember Sign, Sign, Sign!" So sign your work people no matter what medium you work in.
The traveling grew very tiring and time consuming. I now think what better place to create and enjoy than from home and on the internet where you meet the best Hetty.   

3) How Does My Writing Process Work?


I guess that my approach is a little laid back.  I like to create things. Here at dolly's designs I like to show works in progress, how they are made and the end result. You know what you can do with a yard of fabric or a block of clay....before and after kind of thing..

I like to write about others, to share their interests and creative abilities.  I do Spotlight Stories at the main blog, and have been blessed to meet and learn from the best.  Everyone has a story to tell!  The world is full of wonderful, interesting people.  I've met some very nice people.  Everyone has one. if not many creative talents.  They just need to stop and think about it.  What they are really good at.  Some don't even realize the talent they have until someone shows them. 

Today I introduce you to many bloggers!

I am supposed to introduce a couple of bloggers to you now.  I have so many wonderful friends some of which I have already featured and I hope you know who you are!
Today I share a family of friends they are my sisters from MaryJanesFarm .  I have lots of sisters now in the Farmgirl Sisterhood

MaryJaneFarms Facebook Page
Mary Jane Butters is quite the Farmgirl Sister to have.  She started a business and is sharing we bloggers work on GirlGab. In fact if you go there today you will see where my apron is featured.  She has a wonderful family and Brian is our Bro.  I did a spotlight story on him a while back, check it out.  I have lost track of how many blogger friends sisters we have over there but go to the website read all about it.  Join our FarmGirl Sisterhood.  You don't have to have acres and acres of crops and animals.  Farmgirl can be a state of mind.  Do you like growing things?  Even on a balcony in a pot you can grow something.  Do you have a backyard with a few chickens?  Do you want some?  You're a FarmGirl at heart aren't you?  Do you garden, sew, cook, love your home?  We have FarmGirls around the country.  Raising Jane Farmgirl, Rural, Beach, Suburban, Ranch, City FarmGirls to name a few. This page has Videos to let you see some of what MaryJaneFarms is all about. Join us if you will and when you do your blog will be shared over at GirlGab!

You might as well visit GirlGab now to read from so many people.  On the right of the page you will see a list of my sisters who have excellent blogs.  Visit them and they are who I feature today!


  1. Great post Dolly - I enjoyed it. I love your aprons and since I own 3 of them, I can honestly say that not a day goes by where I'm not wearing one of them. xo

  2. Dear Dolly: Thank you so much for joining the blog tour, you are such a generous person and it always shines through! I love to learn a little bit more about you, and honestly it does not hurt to write about yourself, right? Thanks Dolly and stay in touch!

    1. Hey Hetty,
      I thought that was what I was supposed to do with the questions asked. Sorry I did get long winded....You are pretty special yourself and I knew that from the first day we ever talked online. I love your talents you are truly gifted!
      Thank you and we will stay in touch!


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