Thursday, April 24, 2014

Royal Tea Has A Wonderful New Home!

You can find Kim
Facebook:  Snug Harbor Bay

I was so pleased when Kim liked her apron.  So many times we make things and never really know how much the person that buys them likes them.  Then someone lets you know and it puts a smile on your face!  Yes I'm smiling and look at her pretty smiling face.

Thank you so much Kim!  She also did an interview with me over at her blog.  That was an honor to do.  Please pay her a visit at Snug Harbor Bay and interview: "Dolly's Designs and My New Apron."

I'm glad "Royal Tea" has a great new home!  To see the aprons' debut here

I make one of a kind originals so no two people will see themselves
with the same apron fabric ever!

Thanks again Kim!  I loved the post and you can tell I love your pics in the apron!

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  1. Thank you Dolly! And I wore the apron last night when I was making dinner. Is it a MAGIC apron? I think I cooked better. :-)

  2. Aww Thank you Kim! Maybe it is you that give it the magic!


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