Sunday, March 3, 2013

dolly's designs' The Creative Blog Hop #2

Welcome to the second Creative Blog Hop!
The first was great and can't wait to see what you share for the second.

Thank you one and all for linking up last week! Click Here to see last weeks' creative links.
 I hope to see you this week and meet new friends as we go along.

I am very excited and hope you will be too!
We know there are a lot of creative people out in blogger land.  
We see it everyday, and I am hoping that you will share your creative talents here.
No matter how creative one is others' ideas can strike something in your medium that you can use.  
I don't mean to copy other talented peoples creations, I mean there is always something to be learned and applied to your creative projects.

Fabric crafts
Handmade sewn items
Paper Mache
Clay of all sorts
Sculpted items
 Floral Arrangements
Painted Furniture 
Anything you have created from anything to make a change...
Artists of all kinds
Painting oil, acrylic, water color
Crafts for kids etc
Share your Creative Work Areas

The Creative Blog Hops
Join us on Mondays for creative entertainment and fun!
You may share something from your archives, it will be new to us and welcomed.
1.  Write a post or you may already have one that you wish to share about your creative talents
Include pictures. In fact if pictures of your creation are all you wish to share then by all means do so.

 If you wish, share your instructions and materials used:  Tutorials of course will be accepted, gladly.
2.  The projects or items must be Tasteful
we have viewers of all ages so please keep that in mind
3.  The project you share must be your Own Creation or you must give credit to the owner
4.  Please include The Creative Blog Hop Button on left side bar
On you post that you add or link back here  so that others can see and come back to blog hop. I will be featuring you from time to time and it would be nice if your project links back to 
The Creative Blog Hop.  

Your blog will be listed in the Creative Crafters' List on the right side bar when you link a post.  If I forget to add please let me know.

 Let's have some creative fun now!


  1. Hello Dolly,
    I'm a new follower. Thanks for hosting the blog hop. Your blog is wonderful. I really enjoyed my visit and will return often. I hope you will visit my blog and hopefully want to follow back.

  2. Hi there,
    I got an error and somehow managed to link myself twice. I'm sorry. Could you get rid of one of them for me please :)

  3. I am new to your blog and am glad that I found it! On my way to check out the hop!


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