Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Creative Blog Hop Important Changes

Important Note ***Temporarily will be starting on Sundays.  I have to be away from the internet for an extended time period so This will work out for the best.***

I have some exciting news for the participants of the Creative Blog Hops

All Blog Hop Posts linked at each party will be in the running.

The one with the most clicks will be chosen from each party
After we have had the fifth Creative Blog Hop Party

The five entries will be put into a hat and the winner will be drawn

I will be sending you a handmade item which will be announced at a later date...

**If you wish not to be entered just let me know....**
Good Luck and this is going to be fun...if it goes well we may do it all of the time depending on the response we receive...

***Happy Creative Linking and remember tonight at midnight 
The third Creative Blog Hop goes live***

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  1. Oh how exciting dear Dolly!! I'm in and thank you so much for the chance! If it's only for American residents, still count me in, I have an American address as well. Big hugs,


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