Monday, November 2, 2020

Calico Callie Apron


Calico Callie
 I hope you enjoy the small showing
Sweet old fashioned calicos bring to mind
Both of my grandmothers' aprons

This particular apron is the type my Grandmother Goldie wore
This simple soft lavender fabric is very pretty

A closer view to show you the details of the fabric

There you have it Calico Callie

100% Cotton Fabric

Cotton/polyester Premium Trim

V Neck Retro Patterned Apron

Sewing Memories
My girls liked the calico fabrics.  Carly could make the cutest outfits for her dolls simply by tying pinning and adding ribbons. She reminded me of me as a child typing fabric onto my dolls. She would stand behind me while I sewed and play with my hair until I found some fabric for her to use. She had a playhouse in my sewing room and it made her the happiest just to put some mail in her mailbox. There she'd stay and play all day.

The youngest Catie loved the calico too. That child would sit at my feet and collect scraps as fast as they would drop! It made me smile to make a little extra for that little one. It was so fun to see that happy little face. She started sewing at the age of 4. I wouldn't let her have sharp scissors and gave her the little safety scissors.  Yet I would give her a needle to sew with. I would watch her closely. She could do the most with the least.  Now that's talent!  Her Barbies were the best dressed around.

Those are such fond memories of my girls and sewing.  We were together and creating things. To this day they are so very creative and talented.

Until next time when I'll share two more aprons
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