Tuesday, November 3, 2020

This Apron Makes Me Hungry!


Who grew up eating Kellogg Cereals?  We sure did in our household.  I have to admit we still do at times.  Sometimes I even eat a bowl of cereal for a midnight snack!

This is a cute fabric with all sorts of cereal displayed.  I see Corn Flakes Raisin Bran even Rice Krispies! 

This apron is made from 100% Cotton Fabric with premium Cotton/polyester trims. It is a Cora 2 pattern a wider bodice design from my Grandma Cora's original pattern.  She wore a slimmer bodice apron. 

Great Grandma Maggie her apron was even slimmer in the bodice. I think they were much neater cooks than I. The Maggie will be the next apron design I will be sharing on the blog and in the shops.

I'm proud of them and you know they're very special to me because of the family members that have worn them in the past.  That pattern is well over 100 years in age. 

This version is the Cora Original that I adjusted for more top coverage for those of us that aren't that neat or just want more coverage.

Cute Fabric Design
Utility Full Apron
This apron features Jumbo Rick Rack
For that Old Fashioned look

I'll list this and a few more in the shops soon 
Please feel free to browse the shops
Drop me a line if you will to let me know

Have a great day!
Today is Election Day!

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