Saturday, May 6, 2017

Let's Talk Quilting Week 2 Block 2 Triangle Block

Ok here we go on to the second block.  Keryn of StyleNovice makes what she calls the Triangle Block.  The triangles can be place in any number of pattern designs.  Quilters will know this and new to quilting will learn that in time.  

photo and history below credit
Pinwheel Pattern

Pinwheel Pattern

Nineteenth century quilts were primarily practical; beauty was secondary.  Quilts served as window and door coverings.  Hanging quilts on the dirt walls of a soddle, made them seem more homelike.  Quilts could serve as privacy walls, creating sleeping areas in a soddle, or one room cabin.  Quilts folded and laid on a board placed between two chairs or tree stumps, became a sofa.

When a quilt became so badly worn around the edges that even rebinding could not rejuvenate it, a seamstress would cut it down to eliminate the worn areas, or rework it into a child's quilt.  Any quilt was too precious to discard.

The importance of quilts in women's lives was best expressed in the statement of one 19th century homesteader, Lydia Roberts Dunham, who said, "I would have lost my mind if I had not had my quilts."

The Triangle Block Video

Hope you enjoyed this!
The history with the Pinwheel Pattern and now with this lesson The Triangle Block Pattern.
There are so many variations that can be done.
I love Keryn's bright cheery fabric choices.

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Style Novice Video links to her YouTube.
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